Bermuda Triangle of Romania

Elders do not talk about ghosts, but about “strigoi”. Strigoi are actually the souls of the dead who make trouble to the living. They did not have a normal death, died by force, or committed suicide. After a suspicious death, the soul seeks silence by haunting the living, who are considered responsible for the way people have gone into the world of shadows. These souls are cursed to have no peace until they get revenge. And as they have no one to take revenge, they haunt. Few are the ones who know what the diabolical creatures look like. The only ones who can see them are the sorcerers from the mountains, but they tell nobody. They don’t talk. Some people say it would be a small goat with horns, which does not grow over the human knee. Others, it would be a cuddly cat, a cat with closed eyes. Others say it would look like a chicken with small horns. This trip offers for those interested in paranormal the opportunity to experience some strong sensations.


Day 1. In The Cursed City

We will meet at the outskirts of the city cursed by Dracula himself, in a small but cute camp where we will discuss the trip in the paranormal world.


Day 2. The Immured Skeletons

We will visit the Poema Temple with two Sphinx-women, the only tomb in the world dedicated to spiritism. We will visit a museum where a lot of people reported chest pain and tightness feelings with an inexplicable fear. People say it is haunted by the ghost of a woman who fell on the stairs of the museum and died while looking for a proof of the infidelity of her husband, who was a night watchman at the Museum. Others say that some strange lights are seen on every 9th day of every month at 11.30 PM, in the place where a man would have died by spontaneous combustion. After that we will go to the "Black Blood House", where a suspicious whisper is heard at the entrance gate. In some mornings there dark blood-like spots can be seen in the places, where the sound comes from. The place is haunted by a ghost, called the "Bocănitoarea" (“Knocky”), who was a prostitute, killed there in the 19th century. Then we'll go to the Throne fortress, to see the location linked to one of the most terrible urban legends. Myths say that here the souls of 203 children terrify the passers-by even nowadays. The urban legend says that many years ago there was an orphanage managed by a man who has been born by evil. He was bringing the homeless children, kept them in very bad conditions, without water and food, while he was enjoying the life with selected dishes, accompanied by the kids’ screams. We will then go to the world's heaviest building, which keeps in its walls the skeletons of the masons who erected it. We will visit the house which witnesses multiple European and world premieres.


Day 3. The Thirsty Bride

We'll go to Margo's wayside cross. Margo was a bride aged 26, who died in a tragic accident just on the wedding day. She left some paranormal stories of full of mysticism. In 1936, when the tragedy happened, the number of cars on Romania's roads was extremely low. The location where the accident occurred was a straight road section, without vegetation or any obstacles. At the time of the accident there were no meteorological phenomena that could affect in any way the driving of the car. The ghost of the bride was looking for her groom she was brutally separated from, causing a large number of accidents in the area, where many young and unmarried men have lost their lives. In 2008-2009, 12 men died here so the locals decided urgently to restore the wayside cross dedicated to Margo. After that the accidents ceased to occur in this area. Margo brings good luck to the young couples who marry in the same church she married and bad luck to the young men who drive near the Margo's wayside cross. We will continue towards a monastery surrounded by thick redbrick walls, a fortress nobody can enter otherwise than besieging it of knocking the door. Dracula's descendants would have buried him on the hillside, where they raised a wooden church, and later this monastery. On the full moon nights, Vlad Dracula's face appears on the walls of the monastery. We will continue to the palace which has never been inhabited but continuously haunted by ghosts. The next two nights we will camp off-camping not far from the Bastille of Romania, a prison no one escaped.


Day 4. The Castle Built by a Spirit

At least 75% of Americans believe in a paranormal one way or another, and one person out of five thinks he/she saw a ghost. Scientists explain what actually happens to people's brains when they have the impression of seeing a ghost. We will head to the Devil's Ravine. Legends and local stories say about the existence of a treasure guarded by the evil spirits with a human body and animal heads. Others speak of the existence of an interdimensional portal. The roots of the paranormal reputation of the place are based on the actions of the ancient Dacians. The priests of the Dacians performed here the rituals for invoking the nature's spirits for protection. The energies gathered here from rituals are still very strong and the spirits of the forest defend the place of intrusions. Another explanation says about the fact that the evil spirits guard a treasure buried here by A terrible curse was casted on it. Only the one who has the courage to sleep beside the ravine under the open sky, will get the instructions in the dreams how to find the treasure. We will continue our way to the Temple of the Underworld. This temple beside the tomb of the Bellu cemetery owner, are the only spiritual temples in the world. Construction drawing of the Beyond the Death Castle after a spiritism session.


Day 5. The Ghosts of the Kings

We will leave early morning to the castle with the curse of fire. Castle burned several times has witnessed the building of the Greater Romania. Behind that there was a love story between the first female mason in Romania and an English diplomat responsible for the counterintelligence activity in Bucharest during the First World War. We will move to the gem of the Romanian castles, a castle where the floating fires can be seen above the earth in some nights of the year. It happens because according to the customs of that time the gold coins were buried in the foundation of the building. Others say that the ghostly shadows of the former kings and queens of Romania are seen in the moonlit on the corridors of the castle. If these are legends, one thing is certain, Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu stayed away of this castle when they learned that it is haunted by "wood plague". We'll go to a cave with natural water curtains. In the stormy nights unnatural lights are dancing in front of the cave and from the frightening noises as sinister baby or animals cries are heard from the inside. The castle was TB sanatorium, however some people believe it was just a facade for the Securitate's work, the place being, in fact, a place of torture and interrogation. The restless souls of the tortured remained "suspended" in the cave area. We will camp off-camping next to the Dacian Kogainon.


Day 6. Dracula's Ghost

Places that are supposed to be haunted are associated with certain happenings or emotions experienced by the ghost concerned, or that are the places where the person died. Besides the ghosts themselves, signs that people associate with haunts are strange sounds, certain types of lights, moving objects, spontaneous bell sounds or musical instruments that seem to play on their own. We will continue to the longest of Romanian tunnel’s ghost, who haunts the tunnel and the nearby village.  His cemetery vault was demolished being an obstacle to the parishioners to go the round of the church on the Easter. We will continue to the castle where the British Shadow Seekers Association said they saw a lot of ghosts and got in touch with Vlad the Impaler. The British claim that there are two ghosts in the castle, a girl who died at the age of 27 in this castle and the Queen Maria of Romania. We'll camp in a vampire camp.


Day 7. The Temple of Aliens

We will go to a temple that has more than 7000 years, built by those who knew very well to work with the sandstone, the material from which the temple was built. This, along with the strange events happening at the temple led a lot of people to its attribution to an alien civilization. The fine sand inside the place contains quartz and silicon crystals used for communication with alien civilizations. The strange thing is that nothing can be cultivated on the hill where the temple is located. The soil is radiated and no one explains its cause. A legend claims that in the distant past an alien spaceship would have landed on this hill so the soil was radiated. Photos of those who immortalize the place are full of glowing spheres, halos, and bright lights that are not visible to the eye when making photos. We will continue our way to the only inhabited medieval fortress in Europe, where the first public execution for corruption took place in Transylvania. Over 300 years ago the mayor of the fortress was known as an incurable womanizer. He used to ask the citizens of the fortress to leave their wives in bed in exchange for the tax exemption. But his persecution started after the rumours that he was using the city's provision pits for his personal interest, which was totally forbidden. And if his first sin used to cause the wrath of the husbands forced to put their wives on his disposal, the supplies of the city were vital to the survival of the inhabitants in case the gates of the fortress would have been attacked by invaders. He was immediately arrested. Scared by the prospect of ending under the guillotine, the Mayor looked for mercy at the court of the emperor in Vienna. The legend says he would have obtained forgiveness of the Emperor, but the inhabitants of the city have sabotaged the messengers of the Emperor, charring the letter which would save the mayor from the executioner's axe. The couriers sent from Vienna were delayed by a group of inhabitants of the city until the head of the corrupted mayor was cut. We'll camp in a camping near the fortress.


Day 8. Bermuda Triangle of Romania

We will go to one of the most frightening places in the world, the place where the phenomena that cannot be explained by the specialists are. It is considered one of the most intense places for paranormal activities, ghosts, UFOs, other mysterious phenomena. Even the strange appearance of the forest provokes the imagination of many strangers. Bizarre trees are considered the souls of those killed in the forest. It is said that a pair of green eyes and a very thick fog appear at midnight. The first major event was reported in 1968 when a UFO appeared in the sky. The pictures of the strange object and a series of reports were presented to the research institutes in Europe and the US. But no one was able to give an explanation of the phenomenon. A year later, another similar object was seen in the area. The next day a circular trace with a diameter of nearly 5 meters was discovered in the forest. The grass was dried up. The area has also become known for strange sounds that are often heard, crying for rescue, exploding tire or even a cuckoo clock. Another phenomenon recorded here was the "exploded" pine trees. In 1994, several pins were found half broken or completely torn from the roots, and the trunks were intense red. We will camp off-camping near the Bermuda Triangle in Romania, the most haunted forest in Romania.


Day 9. One of the Most Frightening Castles in the World

We will head to a village that was partially destroyed by a landslide 50 years ago and its inhabitants moved to the valley. Their houses have been destroyed. And today only fences of stone, a lone door frame and stairs leading up to the sky are still visible. Only the church walls are standing. Abandoned fountains and cellars in which the barrels of wine were once resting can be spotted in brushwood. In the wall of the church there are some limestone blocks which come from wall known as „murus dacicus”. We will continue to a castle where the Empress Maria Theresa's bodily pleasures were drowned in blood. The stories that circulate in the area assign a lot of murders to the empress. The victims were the men with whom Maria Theresa was making love. We will head to the church where the Devil appeared on the walls of the bell tower, making the Romans to leave the church overnight. Romania has a castle, which is on the second place in the top of the most frightening buildings in the world. It is placed before Chernobyl 4 reactor, the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center, the Ottawa Hotel (which until 1972 functioned as a prison), The Lamp Residence, St. Louis (where several members of the Lamp family committed suicide there during 1904-1949). May be vampires don’t walk in its corridors, but the Gothic architecture and a dark and true history are enough to put some fear in your bones. We will camp in a camping located on the shore of a lake that that swallowed five villages and where the spirits of the dead from the graves covered by water show from time to time.


Day 10. Goodbye!

We'll say goodbye hoping to have new branded adventures.