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1. Ardeu Fortress

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Short Description: Loc bantuit de fantome

2. Petrodava

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Short Description: The Petrodava fortress is located not far from the municipality of Piatra Neamt, at about 4 kilometers, on a peak of the Bâtca Doamnei hill, at a height of 457 meters. The name of the fortress is mentioned by Ptolemy in the work of Geography.

3. Zargidava

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Short Description: The second getic fortress in size after Sarmisegetuza

4. Dacian fortress Sucidava

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Short Description: The Secret Fountain was built on the order of Emperor Justinian, being the only one in Europe, retaining an important part of the history of Byzantine times.

5. Costesti-Cetatuie Fortress

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Short Description: The Dacian fortress Costești - Cetățuie was built in the first century BC and is located near the village Costești, on the Apei Grădiștei valley. It was a strong fortress with a defensive character, it was based on a large civilian settlement.

6. Valley of Fairy Fortress

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Short Description: The ruins of the Dacian Fortress, called the Fairy Fortress, are located on one of the hills that border the valley with the same name, on a rocky promontory called by the locals Mount Fortress.

7. Dacian Fortress Pelendava

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Short Description: Pelendava was a strong Geto-Dacian fortress, the old capital of the old capital of the tribe of the furs.

8. Apoulon Stronghold

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Short Description: Considered by many historians the last refuge of King Decebal in the path of Roman expansion in Dacia.

9. Singidava

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Short Description: Singidava fortress was one of the brightest cities in Dacia. The Alexandrian geographer of the century. II p. Chr., Ptolemy, in the "Geographical Direction", sits Singidava between Ziridava and Apulum, that is to say, the Dacian settlement from Cugir

10. Cozar Fortress

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Short Description: The citadel of Cuzdrioara, also called the Citadel of Chazarilor, is in the reformed cemetery, but only traces of the former fortress remain, a circular earth wave, bordered by a ditch.

11. Zusidava

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Short Description: Zusidava was a Dacian settlement , but it is not identified on the ground.

12. The Red Stone Fortress

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Short Description: The Dacian fortress Piatra Roșie is a Dacian fortification. It was included in the UNESCO world heritage in 1999, together with the Dacian fortresses from Grădiștea de Munte, Costești-Cetățuie, Costești-Blidaru, Bănița and Căpâlna.

13. Histria Fortress

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Short Description: Histria is the oldest certified city on the territory of Romania

14. Callatis Fortress

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Short Description: Callatis was first the Thracian fortress, which founded the settlement called Acervatis or Cerbatis. The Greeks later built the site of the former Thracian settlement, the fortress of Callatis.

15. Salt Fortress

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16. Porolisso

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Short Description: The oldest treasure of massive gold found around the world

17. The Dacian Fortress of Mosna

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Short Description: Cetatea dacică de la Moşna datează din secolele al III-lea–al II-lea î.e.n. și a jucat un important rol de apărare în perioadele în care teritoriul era atacat de sciţi sau de bastarni.

18. Cetatea dacica Buridava

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Short Description: The buridava was the capital of the Geto-Dacian tribe of bureaux. It was located in Ocnele Mari city, Valcea county. The Roman railway that was on the territory of Stolniceni, part of Ocnele Mari, and the Dacian Buridava was 5 km away.

19. Dacian fortress Tamasidava

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Short Description: The Dacian fortress Tamasidava was located in the Bârladului Plateau, near Răcătău village.

20. Ziridava 1

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Short Description: Ziridava could be identified with "„Șanțu Mare", Pecica.