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1. Tropaeum Traiani

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2. Castru Abruttus

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Short Description: Castellum from Abrud is a quadrilateral fortification, with a perimeter of 300 m, the surface of 2000 m2.

3. Castru Apulum

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Short Description: The mysterious lead sheet, 11 centimeters in length and 6 centimeters wide, is about 2,000 years old. On both sides of the table there is a text in Latin.

4. Castru Albesti

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Short Description: Castrul roman de la Albești se află pe malul râului Vedea, la 3 km de satul Albești.

5. Castru Albota

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Short Description: The Roman quarter Albota is located in the territory of Albota commune in Argeș county.

6. Castru Apoldu de Jos

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Short Description: The Roman fort is located on the territory of Apoldu de Jos in Sibiu county.

7. Castrul Roman Arad

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Short Description: The Roman fort in Arad was an auxiliary fort that had the role of defending the Roman road between Micia and Partiscum.

8. Castru Baneasa

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Short Description: The two castles from Baneasa were built with earthen and wooden palisades.

9. Castru Banita

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Short Description: The Roman fort is at an altitude of 1500 m on the Jigorul Mare plateau, on the territory of Bănița commune.

10. Castru Jigorul Mare

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Short Description: The Roman fortress on the Jigorul Mare Plateau was a fortress of marches, built during the Dacian-Roman wars, for the conquest of Sarmizegetuseia Regia.

11. Castru Resculum

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Short Description: The Roman Resculum Castles is the oldest settlement in the area, specified in the documents.

12. Castru Borosneu Mare

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Short Description: The fort at Boroșneu Mare was a Roman auxiliary fort that connected the Oituz and Bran passages.

13. Castru Brancovenesti

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Short Description:   The fortification was not very large, but it housed a small army that had the role of stopping the invasion of barbarians and transmitting information.

14. Castru Brasov - Șprenghi

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Short Description: On the site of the fortress from Șprenghi there was a Roman fortress.

15. Castru Breznita-Ocol

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Short Description: In the locality of Brezniţa-Ocol were discovered the remains of Roman castles, from the 2nd-3rd centuries AD.

16. Castru Brusturi

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Short Description: The ruins of the Roman settlement are in the town of Brusturi, at the point "La ruine". Being at the administrative border between the communes of Creaca and Românași, it is known as the "castră de la Romita".

17. Castru Bucium

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Short Description: The Roman fort is located on the territory of Bucium in the place called "Piatra Grădiștii".

18. Castru Buciumi

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Short Description: It was built with a "wave of earth" and wood, but as a result of the attacks of the free Dacians and the migrating peoples, it was destroyed by burning.

19. Castru Bulci

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Short Description: The Roman fort in Bulci belonged to the 13th Gemina Legion.

20. Castru Bumbesti Jiu 3

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Short Description: The third Roman fort at Bumbești Jiu is the Bumbești Jiu Gară Stone Fortress, which was first built from a wave of earth and then its stone walls were erected.