Routes with Motor Homes in Romania

An excursion close to nature, communities, history, traditions, gastronomy etc. involves orientation to a motor home holiday (personal or rented). Even if in many European countries the camping and transport infrastructure, doubled by detailed information seems to be the ideal choice, I propose an alternative where the main purpose of choosing the motor home offers something that you do not find in many western countries: wild nature, virgin forests, unique legends and traditions, mysteries, wonders and strange things.
Few of the over 12,000 special places in Romania, documented by Guide-Romania, are known and even fewer are marketed or possible to reach. The beauty of the places in Romania can be discovered through professional guidance in a motor home, carried out by a Motor Home Guide.

We provide:

  • Organization of thematic or on-demand excursions in unique places in Romania;
  • Guided march, through means of communication that are installed in the tourists' motor homes, with which they will continuously learn information about the objectives to be visited or the objectives in the vicinity of the road traveled by the tourist, about the traditions of the areas, about gastronomy, about legends and local myths;
  • Guidance to the objectives that are visited, according to the itinerary or at the request of the tourists (so we are very flexible to meet the interest of the tourists);
  • Support during the camping period or during the entire tour;
  • Consultancy and counseling (including by telephone) for motor home trips in Romania, roads, campsites, off camp camping, objectives, activities and events.

Our experience as motor home users allows us to pick other routes than those possible to be travelled by caravan users, with a higher degree of difficulty, but without exceeding the specific capacities of a motor home.