Circuits proposed in Romania

Why spend a holiday in Romania? One reason would be because in Romania there are so many unique places to see and discover on an extremely small area.
Romania probably has equally good or bad roads as many European countries. It is important to have proper counseling to avoid the bad ones and to use the good ones. Tourism staff in Romania is often not able to meet the requirements, but we can do our own trip by resorting to caravans, motor homes, tents or even resorting to agro-touristic boarding houses, but under appropriate counseling based on corresponding assessment programs and with professional guidance.

Romania is an ideal tourist destination if you choose the perfect consultant and guide to know how to eliminate the unpleasant elements a tourist can encounter and to value the 12,000 special places (documented by Guide-Romania), many of them unique in the world or Europe.

Guide-Romania offers advice, counseling and guidance, based on their own experience, for more than 20 years, visiting places and objectives in Romania.
We offer you:

  • Organization of thematic or on-demand excursions in unique places in Romania;
  • Guided march, through means of communication that are installed in the tourists' cars towing caravans/motor homes/4x4 cars (off-road cars), with which they will continuously learn information about the objectives to be visited or the objectives in the vicinity of the road traveled by the tourist, about the traditions of the areas, about gastronomy, about legends and local myths; assistance during camping or during the entire excursion.

Consultancy and counseling (including by telephone) of tourists and potential tourists who want to visit Romania.