Special Holidays

Romania offers the possibility of unique and special holidays in the over 12,000 special places documented by Guide-Romania.
Romania is:

  • the only place in the world where you can walk on Dracula's footsteps, benefiting from the preservation of the places where Vlad Dracul lived, fought, loved, impaled etc.;
  • the only place in the world where you can see the shades of colors made 500 years ago, whose compositions could not be copied so far, namely the Voroneţ Blue (Voroneţ Monastery) and the Coşula Yellow (Coşula Monastery);
  • the country where the purest water in the world is found, which is also symbolized on the Dacian shields on the Trajan's column in Rome, made 2000 years ago;
  • the country where the world's largest heliothermic lake, unique in Europe, is found;
  • the country where the oldest wooden church in the world is located;
  • the country where the world's oldest iron smelting furnace is located;
  • the country where the smallest street in Europe is located;
  • the country where some of the oldest cave paintings in Europe are found;
  • the country where Europe's oldest whole papyrus is located;
  • one of the few countries in Europe that has muddy volcanoes, eternal fires, living stones, and the Megalits.

Along with these unique places in Romania, you can see still virgin forests, caves, gorges, lakes, animals in their natural habitat, castles, palaces, traces of the last Giants in Europe, the traces of the Atlanteans, storytelling villages, unique monasteries in the world listed in UNESCO heritage, where one can benefit from a real energy load in the midst of the world's most powerful energy areas, where one can benefit from mineral and thermal waters as an elixir of health and youth.

We have a unique offer for you:

  • guided tours with caravans, motor home, off-road cars etc., through which we can take you to unique places for a special holiday.
  • consultancy and counseling (including by telephone) for tourists and potential tourists who want to visit Romania.